New in town!


Welcome to my blog. My name is Jint and I'm a 21-year old fashion lover and Lawschool student.
I live in Utrecht, where I have my friends and family all in one place.
Fashion has been a part of me for a couple of years now, I love buying new things and to see my closet getting bigger and bigger by the day.
And what could be more fun than to dress up so nicely, with bags and all kinds of accessories involved, eventhough you only have to get some milk at the supermarket?

For a while I thought that starting a blog while having not all sorts of expensive stuff, would not kick off.
But here I am, making an effort and hoping that all other fashionlovers (and others) in de world are going to like my blog!
I shall post all sorts of things; outfits of my own, fashionitems I love, celebrity outfits and more.
Hope you enjoy!

Love and kisses


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