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This is a diy-project which can turn out very nice, or just not that nice..
Mine turned out quite nice, although the pieces of plastic are all over the place.
I got the idea from the Marni for H&M necklaces from last year's spring collection, they contain more colors but I thought black and red would work out just fine for a first time trying..

Check out the tutorial by clicking on 'read more'

This is what you need: (for this particular necklace at least)
- Scissors
- A thread (mine was a leather one)
- Ribbon
- A lcd record, (from waaay back in time) for the plastic pieces. Other plastics will work just fine but remember that you are going to burn the plastic, so colored or white plastic might turn black or brown
- A lighter
- A cup with cold water
- Some beads (if you like)
- Tweezers

Take the lcd record and start cutting out some pieces. This is the hard part because the plastic is really thick and sometimes the pieces shred. I survived but this little job did leave me some war wounds

When you have all those pieces of plastic, take the tweezers and the lighter and take the pieces one by one and start melting them. After a while they will curl.
Take a saté stick (or really anything else that size) and make a hole in each piece, this is for the thread to go through
Put them in the cup with water so that they can cool down faster

Start string the pieces of plastic. If you have beads for some extra color or variation, think about where you want to have them.
Then the ribbon, also for variation. Cut it twice as long as the actual necklace, cause you are gonna wrap it around the leather thread, around each piece of plastic. Make a knot on both sides.
Burn the ends of the ribbon, so they won't fray. Now you can  put it around your neck!

The result, soon wearing it with an outfit!



Aminta Paiz said...

Looks good !! A lot of work huh !! :D


Sophia M said...

Really cool!
xoxo Sophia

lucky lady said...

omg,You have a talent!