New in | B&W strappy heels

A while ago I posted a shoe wishlist, a list of my favorites this season. This shoe was one of them and now there mine! Well, actually they are me and my moms. For the first time in history we liked the same shoe and we decided to buy them and take turns wearing them.
The perfect Zara sandal for (hopefully) a perfect summer. Bring out the sunshine please, cause right now my gloves are still on!
Soon, an outfit picture with these black and white beauties!




Beatricia Palcic said...

I saw them the other day in ZARA and I immediately fell in love with them ! They are perfect fr summer xx
I see myself Investing in them ;)

Riellek said...

Heel mooi

xx Riƫlle

Lisa Kouwenberg said...

Ze zijn echt super leuk! Tof dat je ze gaat delen met je moeder. Ik doe dat ook wel eens zo met mijn mama haha. Ideaal!

X lisa

WeeKmac said...

love these sandals! they are so striking! Perfect for when the sunshine finally appears!