Diy | Scarf turned skirt

Why not make a skirt out of a scarf on a rainy day, hoping for summer to come soon?
I had this really big red printed scarf, square shaped, and I never wore it because of the unfortunate shape.
So, inspired by all the prints and patterns this season I wanted to make my never worn scarf usefull.
It's an easy diy and the skirt turned out to be a nice silky, highwaisted, Zara-like skirt, perfect for hot summerdays, whenever the may come...
When the bare legs can come out, I will show the skirt with an outfit!

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Zara skirt

What you need:
- A scarf (square or rectangular, as long as it fits around your waist)
- Scissors
- Thread and needle
- Elastic
- Tape-measure

1. Fold the scarf in half (if you have a square scarf)
2. Start cutting the scarf in half, if you rip the fabric very hard you will know for sure you will get even pieces. After cutting the pieces were still longer than you want your skirt to be
3. Measure how long you want your skirt to be. It's highwaisted model and the fringe doesn't count. Mark your measurements.
4. Sew a tube on the top of the skirt, don't forget to put the elastic through the tube. This is the waistband. Make sure to fold the tube on the inside of the skirt, unless you like the waistband to be noticed. You can sew by hand or with a sewingmachine.
4. Sew both sides together, if you have fringe on your scarf you can choose to leave the fringe on or to cut it off, leave the fringe on the bottom on, it gives it an edgy look.



Ashleigh Shawl said...

This is beautiful, such a great idea! xx

jouei said...

Ziet er leuk uit! Vooral omdat je de fringes aan de onderkant erop hebt laten zitten :D

Ik ben op je blog gekomen via Ivania's blog, daar vroeg je waar je het plastic tafelzeil kan halen. Ik koop mijn plastic altijd bij Trekpleister! Je kan het ook bij de Hubo kopen, maar daar is het duurder.

Groetjes, Jouei

Steven Brown said...

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Angela said...
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Lulu said...

I really really like the skirt!

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like your skirt
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