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Internetshopping is my number one activity when I have free time on my hands. And with that kind of favorite activity it would be logical for me to have lots and lots of clothes. I do have that, but just not from the internet. I always find myself doubting about buying something I like on the internet. I guess I ask myself those many questions that make you doubt; will it fit, will it be the right color, will it look as nice on me as it does on that model? Having to return it is a big disappointment. But this time, I saw this skirt and top on Asos, thought about it for a few days, and when the sizes started to run out I bought those damn clothes.
The River Island silky maxiskirt is a perfect fit and I love the pastel color.
The top is from Asos. It is sheer and there is fur on the front which gives it that special one-off-a-kind kinda idea. At least I hope it's one-off-a-kind in my social network, because owning something that nobody else wears is just way more fun!

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