Double denim

Still no sign of skirts and shorts in Holland, not even some sunnies.
Going to the beach is clearly not an option, so tea and watching a new favorite serie called Suits on the couch it is.
I guess when it is cold and rainy out here, it makes your vacation destination look even more exotic.
I am not a big fan of double denim when both denims are the same color. So this was more my thing. A blue denim jacket with leather pieces on the elbow from Zara, and a grey washed jeans.


I was wearing
- Topshop floppy hat
- Zara denim and leather jacket
- Zara leather tote
- Episode silky top
- Zara eagle necklace
- H&M boots



Isa said...

I love your jeans! Did you do that to the sleeves of your shirt or did it come like that?

Jint vdB said...

Thanks! No I bought it this way at Zara last fall! X said...

Great DD look! love the hat too!

Jess xo