Walking in white

When short on cash or just wanting to relax in more luxurious places than your own (students) appartment, a weekend at the parents sometimes actually sounds nice.
Tanning (yes, finally) in a lounge chair in the garden instead of putting your head out the window, lovely diners instead of pasta bolognaise ánd borrowing your moms jewelry.
This white sheer top is from Monki and not actually wearable with just a bra underneath it, wich you see everyone wearing these days when they wear these sheer-like tops. If I do that, I'm practictly naked. So I had to pull out some more white to put underneath it all.
Maybe just a bra or bikini could work in Bali. I'm still counting the days, a little over two weeks to go and I'm off!


H&M blue beaded necklace
Moms golden necklace
Moms golden bangles
Monki sheer top
Topshop jeans

Sacha buckle boots



Becky P said...

I am so in love with that top, it's amazing! And jeans are perfect! Great outfit dear xx


By Chiara said...

Amazing Post!!!!!!!Lovely Blog!!!!!! I m Your New Follower!!!!!

Chiara <3


NATALIE said...

Great outfit choice!!

I invite you to check out my blog.