A short roadtrip to Antwerp and Bruges in Belgium was on the menu the last few days.
In all my 21 years of living on Mother earth's planet, this was my first time in Antwerp. It has beautiful architecture and one long long shopping street. 

Antwerp in one word: beers. (Oke maybe two words: shopping)
Bruges in one word: chocolate.

Since there was a heat wave last week I had packed only really short stuff. Ofcourse it had to rain cats and dogs (as they say in England) the last day. I froze my butt off and Belgium people must have thought I was crazy in my shorty shorts. Maybe checking the weather forecast is an option the next time. 


I was wearing:
- Zara W&B collection top
- Zara ombre shorts
- Nastygal envelope clutch
- Havaiianas slippers
- H&M blue necklace


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