The French have those old looking brick houses which just scream 'baquette!'
In Swiss they have chalets of which we can only see windows, because of the snow.
Here they have color. Maybe it is because the ocean has such a bright blue color, the people here thought one day: hee, I just bought this house, I'm gonna paint it fireman red. Or carrot orange, or olive green. So far I haven't seen a house that is simply white, grey or brown. 

It works in my favor though, nice backgrounds sometimes do the trick in pictures.
The pastels in this outfit are actually standing out because of this aquamarine house. This color is also the trend for some coats this winter. More about that later!


 River Island maxiskirt | H&M top | Buba via Anthropologie necklace



Saskia | Former Parades said...

Hele mooie outfit!! Tof ook zo voor die blauwe muur :-)

♥ Saskia

Elsa said...

Mooie foto's!