The cow print is out on the streets lately, and this is my version of it; highwaisted and made from a thin fabric. Only for summertimes though, I don't see myself wearing them with tights.
The white is white white, if you know what I mean, so I only dared wearing black tops or white white tops on top. And yes, I did noticed I used the words 'top' and 'white' a bit too often in that sentence. 

This top's 'limelight' - mentioned before here - is not popping out unfortunately. Probably because of the urge of needing some color and adding the necklace. I do love my colors. 


Zara cow shorts | Necklace from Bali | Pieces top | H&M boots



Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Leuke shorts!!!!!! X

Saskia | Former Parades said...

Je broekje is zo geweldig! Heb er nog over getwijfeld of ik 'm wilde kopen, en nu besef ik dat ik het had moeten doen :-P

♥ Saskia