Last pictures from Curaçao, as I am already back in Holland, where the weather is not that bad either. The end of summer is near though. 
I got this skirt a year ago in New York. Probably the best city in the world. 
The people there were so nice, telling total strangers that they looked pretty. Here in Holland it is more gazing and walking by. Maybe I should start giving complements to the ones I think look really nice, haven't done that much myself to be honest! 
Maybe a good new year's resolution for this fall, since September is the new year in fashionworld! 
I talk about NYC and Holland, the necklace is from Egypt, but this post still is going to be named Curaçao. Happy memories I guess..


Forever 21 maxiskirt | H&M top | Necklace gift from Egypt



Saskia | Former Parades said...

Heel mooi! Je rok en ketting zijn zo geweldig!

♥ Saskia

Judith said...

Wauw, wat een prachtig zomers outfitje! Ik ben fan :-)

Liefs Judith