Low whites

Back in the old days I used to wear the high version of Converse Allstars. I believe the low ones didn't even excist yet.
Back then things could all of the sudden be out of fashion. 
So one day those high ones were not cool any more and, ofcourse, never worn again.
I haven't had a new pair since, untill these low white babies came to me from all the way America,  the boyfriend brought them. They are the definition of minimalism and simplicity, but also perfect to create a stylish outfit without showing all the effort we - secretely - put in it!


Sneakers by Converse All stars


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Kimberley (TheKimberleyB) said...

Vind lage witte AllStars echt prachtig! Ben zelf meer een Vans meisje maar deze staan echt op mijn wishlist.