The big bosses

I wish I won the lotery. I would give a lot of it to charity, don't get me wrong. But I would also buy a new pair of shoes. Or more than just one.
A woman in the U.S.A. won 365 million dollar last month, and she was at the age of 88!
Better to give 365 people one million, are my thoughts.
These three are the most beautiful fashion items from this fall, if you'd ask me. And, ofcourse, with pretty comes a prize tag. 
So, option 1: win the lotery, option 2: marry a rich man, and 3: study hard so you can be extremely happy when you buy your first overprized item one day! 

Tibi Piper chunky heel boot, fall 2013, click here

Celine Trapeze bag, fall 2013, click here

Acne 'Rita' leather jacket, click here 



Becky P said...

Hahah I love this post! I definitely feel you and it seems that 1st option is the best hahah :) Those shoes are gorgeous xx

Cierra Monét said...

The boots are definitely my favorite!

itsrainingheelsandsneakers said...

Die laarsjes zijn zo gaaf!

xx Riëlle

ambika said...

Loved the items and the post! Well for me, I am on the third option. hehe
Would you like to follow each other?

Rowan Reiding said...

Oh yeah! Wish I had won the lottery as well! If so, that Acne jacket would have been mine by now!



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natalie edwards said...

great picks - love your style and blog