So this is what I meant by simplicity in an earlier post.
A simple sweater (it is not 30 degrees anymore and I am a shivery) but the stripes do their work. Simple jeans, and the All Stars work their magic. 

I told you before that if I have a party or some other great event, I decide what I'm gonna wear 3 days in advance, sometimes even a week. 
But sometimes there is simply not enough time or strenght - it takes some fitting - to create  an outfit. 
I much rather go in my Adidas "Aussie" joggings (read: not so classy) to the Supermarket, not even thinking about smooth looking. And this outfit was kind of a throw-on as well. Although it does look a little better than my supermarket-wear..



Zara sweater | Topshop jeans | Converse All Stars | Zara leather tote


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