My first - and probably one of the few yet to come- beautypost!
I am not really a beauty-princess. I like to keep things natural and for that, I don't wear a lot of make-up, especially not when I'm in a hurry. Which is always actually. Keeping a brush in my bag is a result of that too.

However, you remember those oldschool beauty facts that your grandma used to tell?
Well, I learned that starting to smear your face with day- and night cream prevents you from getting wrinkles early. So I did. The sooner the better.


Nivea creme: The perfect creme for a dry skin. I use it every morning.
Clinique Clarifying lotion number 2: I know Clinique has a whole line of products which you need to use in de right order. But Clinique is fierce stuff so don't use it if you have a dry skin. I have a dry skin but this particular bottle is perfect for keeping my skin clean after a whole day of getting dirt on it.
Embryolisse: This actually came from France, so it's hard to get by. It is a very natural cream and perfect to keep the skin young and healthy. You can look it up on the internet.
Clarins: They are known for their anti-wrinkle creams. It says on the bottle daily enigizer cream, I use it for the night. Every other day.



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