At the moment I can't recall if lace ever 'went away' but what I do know is that Zara has brought it back on the menu for sure.
If you go to their website you can click on a special secluded link, called - what else - lace. Clicking on it brings you to a page which shows the most prettiest pieces of clothing and all those pieces have 2 things incommon: they are silky and they are perfect.
Most of the pieces look like lingerie dresses, but the texture of the lace is just too good.
I don't wear lace that much. I think it has two faces; both classy and trashy. The Zara lace is the classy type and I know how I said not to go shopping at them anymore, but these pieces make that promise hard to keep.




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Nonchalant Rebel said...

Such a lovely items!

xx Mounia