Nr. 1 fur

The rain finally stopped, so I have some serious outfitshooting to catch up to.
Autumn has really kicked off because I doubt it will get any warmer dan the 13 degrees it has been these past days. So it is that time of the year; my number one all time favourite  furry coat gets to shine on the streets again. I mean, it is a shiner, right?

I mentioned before that I own a lot of furry coats and that I probably should not buy more of these. But the current 'teddy coat'  trend is making that very hard. Maybe I should convince myself that this one is more the long-haired polarbear kinda type, and the teddy's are more sheep-like?
Find your teddy here.


Sacha buckle boots | H&M trend coat | Supertrash jeans | H&M necklace | Zara bag | Ark & Co via Nastygal blouse



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petra lorietta said...

the necklace is just perfect!:)♥