Christmas wishlist

Okey, since this fog won't go away and I can't do much outfitshooting these days, let us all dream away when we think about what we want for Christmas. And maybe more important, what we are going to give for Christmas? That's even harder, most of the time. Because - I'm gonna act all saint-like now - it should be a give-and-take situation around that Christmas tree.

And now, all I want for Christmas is: (you?)
The Acne sweatshirt is the actual dreaming part, by the way..
The Zara trio bag is the prettiest replacement for the real deal: CĂ©line 
Other webstores that sells the best presents: Cos and & Other stories. Soo, what are you waiting for? Happy Christmas shopping!





Dress your life. said...

Die cadeau's zouden ook niet misstaan onder mijn kerstboom ;)
Naomi, x

Becky P said...

OH my od that lace bra is to die for and it's on my wishlist too! Great wishlist too! Xx

thestylesubmarine said...

Unfff the Zara bag is very pretty! Great wishlist :)

X Rosanne


Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

Simply Sarah said...

The latest michael kors bags here, you can see

Esmee D said...

Jaa, de zara ketting <3 it's so prettttyy!