Interior design

Feeling all cozy and warm because of the holliday-spirit that's everywhere around us, made me also got inspired by some home interior pictures. On Pinterest there is a whole bunch of them and every single one makes me think of the future, when I - hopefully - own a pretty little apartment in Manhattan somewhere.
Fingers crossed for that!
Although the white sets are the ones I'm most attracted to, it doesn't need to be thát white and spotless. You've got to admit, a pop of colors works just fine too.

Don't worry, I'm still reading Vogue and this is still a fashionblog. Don't see myself reading those home interior magazines for another 5 years.
But every now and then it's fun discovering some new inspirations.
Looking for some yourself? Check out some amazing home interior designs here.




Becky P said...

What an amazin photos! Pinterest is definitely the best website where you can get inspired. Love this post my dear xx

Stephanie Gille said...

Nice post, would love to have that atmosphere in my house!

Honoré Bazin said...

A variety home decoration, I like your ideas. Thanks for this wonderful treat.