Purple coat

This is a coat I had for years. Sometimes it was a favourite piece, sometimes it was hanging in my closet for months and never to be touched.
But you know me, when an outfit needs a touch of something - in this case color - I need to add it. Today it was this coat. On the peg, buried under a lot of other coats, it was just hanging there, looking like it was not worn for a long time. And it wasn't.
Now the storm is gone and we can see the actual sky again, some shooting-catching up needed to be done. The cold will be around though so I guess it will be scarfs, beanies and gloves from now on.


Benetton purple coat | H&M knit | New Balance sneakers | Zara tote | H&M necklace | Pieces beanie | Primark jeans




Alexandra Zakharova said...

That oat is just fantastic, I love the shape and color of it! So chic!
Thank You for sharing such a lovely post!
Wish you a blessed day ahead!


Sara said...

Super toffe jas, hij staat heel gaaf bij die grijze broek!

Tara said...

Wauw je jas is echt geweldig!