The hype of the moment: the Homiés sweaters.
Normally I'm not a 'hype-follower', meaning I don't buy everything that is hot at that moment.
When I come to think about it, I made some rules throughout the years when it comes to hyped clothing.
- I have to like it. Really like it.
- There shouldn't be a bell ringing in the back of my head saying: you're not going to wear this anymore in five weeks.
- Do I need it? (a question which every fashionhooked girl will probably answer in a way you'ld agree she needs it)
- Is it for wearing of for showing? Some clothes and shoes are just for show, impossible to walk on or pieces of art, just not for wearing all day. 
- Do I have the budget for it? 

But this sweater is - almost - all of them. I like it, I'm wearing it all day everyday I'd ask me, I don't really need it, it is for wearing (especially in this cold) and the budget, well, hell..!
Loavies has plenty more where this came from. I got my fluffy friend from this post from them as well. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out here.


Pieces beanie | Loavies Homiés sweater | MiH jeans | H&M bag | Whistles leather jacket | New Balance sneakers | H&M blue necklace

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Becky P said...

That sweater is perfect, I adore it because it can be worn on so many ways! Looking amazing dear xx


Sonja Dejanovic said...

Great style!Love it!

Rose said...

Great pics!! I’m in love with this entire outfit!!!


Sparks and fairytales. said...

Wauw leuke outfit !

Jennifer said...

Leuk! En goede vragenlijst voor als je iets wilt kopen, die ga ik onthouden!

Карина said...

Amazing sweatshirt!)
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marta eva garcia sanchez said...

very nice jacket!:)

Sara said...

Super leuke outfit, casual maar toch niet té! (:

Christina Chan said...

Cute beanie! xx


laburritoblog said...

Love this outfit. So stylish!