Rika giveaway! {closed}

Boy, do I have a good giveaway for you.
Rika is a Scandinavian brand with a flawless sense of style. They make such pretty things like this black and blue leather jacket (on sale!) which  is the ultimate leather crush, and the Rika 'Iron girl' jumper (here) is a favorite too.
This black Rika bag. It's brand new and it's worth 250,- Tags are all still attached and there is a dustbag too. A tote made from leather and canvas, and the not to be missed famous Rika stars are also present.

Are you ready?
Click on read more to find out how to win this pretty bag!

I'll keep it short: you can win this bag. Because my blog turns 1 year on the 1th of March I decided to celebrate by setting up this giveaway and make somebody a happy person!
This is what you need to do:
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- Leave a comment with your email, in case you're the winner I can contact you

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The giveaway is open worldwide and will end on the 1th of March. The day after I will randomly choose a winner!
Goodluck to you all & happy weekend!




Debora said...

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Debora said...

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Shannon Debevere said...

Oh gaaf! Ik doe mee en heb alles gedaan

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Anita H. said...

Mooie actie. Ik doe mee!
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Sagit Jeshua said...

Great giveaway !!




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Xoxo, Saga ♥

ikzelf said...

Ah, zwart is zo'n vrolijke kleur :). Alvast gefeliciteerd met de eerste verjaardag van je blog, ik vind je schrijfstijl erg goed en ik hoop dat je nog veel meer volgers krijgt.
Ik heb alles gedaan, behalve ''Like & share this post on Facebook''. Spannend!
meerten@hotmail.nl (< zou je die kunnen verwijderen als de winactie afgelopen is? Dankjewel)

Susana Silva said...

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Thank you and congratulations for the blog anniversary :)

Chantel said...

Looove your style!!

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Elena Vo said...

Good morning!

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Hannah van der Wal said...

Wauw! Ik vind je blog echt heel leuk, je kledingstijl is heel inspirerend. En deze tas is ook echt heel vet, ik kende het merk helemaal niet. Ik hoop zo dat ik win! Ik heb alles gedaan en de foto 2 keer gedeeld op facebook. Hopen dat ik win!! You can never have too much bags ❤️ Hannahvdwal@outlook.com is m'n email, ik hoop echt echt echt dat ik win!! X

heather baker said...

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Irina G. said...

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Loris Ayoub said...

This is an amazing bag, you can see the leather quality from the picture
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Loris Ayoub said...

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Gina H. said...

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Monika Suchonska said...

You can never have enough bags :)

va said...

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Fleurette said...
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tahitti mimosa said...


What a lovely bag! seriously ;) I can totally see mee walking with this on my arm ;)

So I did everything that needed to be done and
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Ehara Poetry said...

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Ellen said...

Oh wat een gave tas, ik doe graag mee! Ik heb alleen geen twitter... :)

Fingers crossed!

Noviana Fitria said...

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Evangelia Kollia said...

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Dian Rosdiana said...

Lovely giveway <3
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Thanks for an awesome giveaway :)

Milenica said...

Soo cool! thanks :)

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Super give-away! :)

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cute, thanks!

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Made by Carlijn said...

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Ik heb alles gedaan wat je moest doen (dus Bloglovin', Facebook & Twitter). Daarnaast gedeeld op Facebook en gevolgd op Instagram!

Ik hoop echt dat ik win, wat een ongelofelijk gave prijs!

Merel | The Blonde Tales said...

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Liefs, Merel

Riffat Saeed said...

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Valerie said...

Super leuk dat je dit doet!

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Endless Summer said...

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Jint vdB said...

Hi all! The winner of this giveaway is Nienke Westra! Congrats girl!
Thanks all for joining! Stay tuned, I will do another lovely giveaway soon!