Fashion weeks are all about clothes most people can't affort. But we can dream. And we can also buy knock offs. Sometimes a knockoff is even better because you can laugh at the people who paid crazy prices for practically the same items.

I recently discovered Choies, a webshop which has the best replica's. Shoes, bags, you name it.
This Alexander Wang boot for example, the real deal is waaaay out of my comfort-zone, price wise.
Choies however, sells practically the same item: leather-made and pretty prices, like this one.
And so it goes on and on with other brands, like Isabel Marant or Chloé, simply indistinguishable.
Sooo, what are we waiting for? Those boots on the second pic are definately on my wishlist!


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Sara said...

Die eerste laarsjes vind ik zó gaaf! Choies heeft inderdaad echt leuke dingen voor een prima prijs. (:

Riellek said...

Ik ben zelf niet zo'n fan van overduidelijke knock off's, maar ik kan ook wel begrijpen waarom ze op je wishlist staan ;).

Xx Riëlle

stone fox interrupted said...

LOVE your blog by the way! would love you to give me some advice on my blog, as im trying to make it as good as possible