1 year of blogging

Happy anniversary to the blog!
Today this blog turns 1 year. Officially speaking, because as I mentioned before I started the real blogging a while later. Also I didn't connect my blog to 
- Facebook, until July 2013
- Twitter, until August 2013
- and all the other social media until last summer
I guess it was all new to me and I didn't quite 'get' all the blogger-links. Also, if I'm honest, I had that akward feeling about getting out of the closet, blog-wise. Because that is what you do when using Facebook, then the whole wide world will see those daily outfits but most of all the akward posing and weird faces which were my biggest scare at that time.

But heeeyyy, I got over that and now it's just a case of 'who dares, wins'. (did i just made that up?)
I'm still blogging and I love it. So you will definately see more of me.
As the Instagrammers say: #vanillaandvelvetneverstops. Oke, maybe not never but you get the point.
Now, me and my blueberry muffin will get cosy in bed because this is actually a hangover-day.

Happy weekend! 



Red Sonja said...

Haha, die laatste zin! Leuk dat je blog een jaar bestaat! :)


Becky P said...

Happy anniversary darling haha!


sherry ann gole cruz said...

happy anniversary!

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