Resolutions part 3

The third and final part of my resolutions for 2014.
I figured I had to finish this post by March, otherwise I don't get the change to follow up on those good intentions for this year.
This post is all about my personal fashion improvements.
When you grow up, your style changes. Ofcourse that makes sense, but even after the age-linked style changes, your style will change. Still following?

- I'd like to try out more crazy stuff, get out of my comfort zone. So I guess that means trying out different styles. But on another note I want to stay true to my own style so that I feel comfortable wearing something.

-More black and white. My closet is a rainbow and although I do enoy color (a lot), I discovered that to combine black, white and grey with just a hich of color is even more fun sometimes, instead of being a walking colorbomb. Everytime I mention this people would say I should keep wearing colors. Don't worry, I probably will always succumb when I see a bright red knit or purple printed dress.

- I think I've been shopping since I was 14. A lot was thrown away or sold over thepast couple of years, but I do own some oldies. I need to wear those more often, because you can;t always keep buying new stuff, wear that for a while and then just buy some more new stuff. As you can see my rack is slightly bending, that should be a sign. I'm not gonna do the whole '1-piece-a-month' thing,  we all know that is a promiss I can't keep. Just, you know, wear old stuff.. 





Anne Stikvoort said...

lovely wardrobe, the colours are pretty :)

RL said...

The colours are amazing :D

Ruth x

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Wat een kleurijke 'kledingkast' heb je!

Bij mij is bijna alles zwart :P