Slouchy snake

A random pick (meaning: not much inspiration) can sometimes be a new favorite. In this case it's not the item itself, it is the whole look that is in the running to become this week's finest.
And I admit it's not thát special, but it's just the slouchy effect the oversized blazer gives.
I looked up 'slouchy' by the way. There is no translation, so let's just keep that a style-type.

As I mentioned before, I had my vintage period some years ago. Every now and then some old and smelly clothes were added to the wardrobe and this snake-printed blazer is a result of that period.
Ofcourse it wouldn't be my kind of style if I didnt' add a leather biker jacket and some shiny boots à la the year 2014. We've gotta keep up with the time, after all. 
So today I found myself looking in the mirror and actually be surprised by this random pick as a result of lacking inspiration.
Paris fashion week has come to an and, and with it ends fashionmonth. Are we all ready to pile up this season's favorites? I say let's put on those comfy shopping sneakers and let's gooo!


Zara boots | H&M jeans | Vintage blazer | Whistles leather jacket | New Yorker sunnies | Cos ring | Tiny necklace from mom | H&M top

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Ankermaedchen said...

i lovelovelove the shoes <3

Hadrien Leite said...

Super cool outfit and very nice pics :)
Just Awesome

Alice Cerea said...

You look amazing girl!

I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!

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Kisses, Alice.

Marion Bertorello said...

Very good my sweetie ;)
Kisses <3