Remember some months ago when I was a busy bee, working from 9 till 5, for my internship?
I do. Especially the first few days. As the fashion-minded type that I am the ' what to wear'  question was the first one that popped up in my head.
Was is going to be a formally dressed-situation?
Or just casual, would jeans and sneakers be fine? Or was it the New York 'The devil wears Prada'  kinda tight skirts with killer heels?

I think it's important to wear the right clothing when going to work. The outfit should 'match'  the company's appearance. For example, the gym: the employees should wear something sporty & flashy, instead of walking around in worn-out jeans.
Engelbert Strauss has a lot of different styles of workwear, just the right clothing for several types of jobs. And when your works obligates you to wear something specific, you might as well wear it with flair. Bright colors and neon pink, for example.
I'm curious to find out what you'll need to wear to work? Tell me!




Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

nice top!


Savanne Waal said...

Cute top! Leuk die neon kleuren voor de zomer! I like it