Summer slides

I have one obsession: shoes.
I don't collect hats, I don't collect skirts. Just shoes. (Okey, and maybe necklaces)
And they are not stocked up in some closet or corner, no no. They are all stalled out in my room, just as if they are showroom models. 
Every new season there is one important question: what shoes to buy? 
And so it was that time of year again: summer. So, for the summer of 2014: what shoes to buy?
Slipons? Espadrilles? Birkies? Those plastic watersandals I keep spotting in the fashion adds?

I was talking about slipons in December already and I had quite a few on my 'wanted-list'.
But sites like Intreza make the decision-making-part very hard.
So many brands, so many types and shapes, so many lovable choices to choose from.
You like what you see in this post? Then go and check out what more they have in store for you!
My favorites: the black pony hair slipons!


All on




enfant terrible Berlin said...

nice collection! i love the white slip-ons! ;)

Label 14 said...

Love the orange ones!

angelandchic byME said...

I love all of them!!New post on my blog!xx

Sabina B. said...

Love wearing espadrilles, great picks!

Dionne Knooren said...

Er staan prachtige schoenen tussen!

Kiara Schwartz said...

Slides are SOOO my go to for Summer!
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