A weekend with Lushified: Saturday

It's that time of the year again: summer has started.
We take a look at our closets and suddenly there is a huuuge clean-out going on.
And when those 3 bags full with old clothes are either sold, donated or thrown away, there is just that empty feeling inside. And it isn't just the feeling, it's the closets that are empty too.
Some re-stocking needs to be done! Summer re-stocking, to be exact, starting by getting myself a new weekend-wardrobe! And that's where Lushified came in.

Weekends are for doing nothing (important) at all, for visiting the beach and for catching up with friends.
A Saturday in Utrecht, my hometown of the moment. First of all: it's hangover-time, so waking up at 11 in the morning is allowed. Cleaning my room works therapeutic. After that I'm getting some groceries and some fresh flowers from the flowermarket. White ones, ofcourse.
This denim dungaree is the perfect item for a hangover-but-not-so-lazy Saturday afternoon. I'm guessing I will wear this one a lot this summer. And what about those zebra slip ons? The leopard-printed ones are a big hit but these are just a tat more original. 

The Mocca giveaway is still open but be quick about it, this week is your last change to enter! 
Enter the giveaway here!

Happy weekend!


Denim dungaree | Lushified
Grey top | Monki
Slip ons | Lushified
Necklace | Zara




Sabina B. said...

Such a pretty look and photos!


Sara said...

Super leuk tuinbroekje, en die bos bloemen maakt het extra vrolijk!