The denim jacket

They are hot, they are not. They come and go, a totall do in 1998, a totall don't in 2012.
I'm talking about denim jackets.
I bought a 2013-version at the Zara a year ago, but in these pictures I'm wearing a vintage one. It actually belonged to my mum and I thought it needed a little 'pimpin up'. So I started pimpin' and I might have overdone it a bit because it almost fell apart after I was done with it. DIY-ing is not really my cup of tea, so I'v learned..

I made up my mind about denim jackets: they are so hard to combine. If you wear yours a lot please don't take this the wrong way, but they actually make an outfit a bit dull. They don't have that extra 'spark' one needs in an outfit, or I need in an outfit.
But, we can totally debate about this matter! I can imagine a lot of you really like denim jackets, so let me hear your opinion!

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Denim jacket | Vintage
Jeans | Zara
Black boots | Zara
Backpack | Asos
Rings | Cos & Pomellato
Pearl choker | Zara




Sabina B. said...

Great jewellery!

MIXT fashion and lifestyle said...

Toffe outfit! Dat denim jacket staat je erg goed:)

Jules said...

Wat een gaaf jasje! Je hebt 'm erg leuk gecombineerd :)

Jules x

Emily Bache said...

Love the denim jacket paired with the black pants!!


Emily Bache said...

Love the denim jacket paired with the black pants!!


Lizzy Hadfield said...

Love the double denim! The boots are amaaaazing too!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Emma Walker said...

Love this!
Emma | With A City Dream

Fleur said...

Gave outfit!
Leuk gecombineerd met het spijkerjasje, je ziet ze laatste tijd overal wel te voorschijn komen!
Ik vind het wel wat leuks hebben:).

Britt van Schie said...

Waarom heeft mijn moeder dat soort jasjes nou nooit??

Lauren Samsom said...


X Lauren

Lauren Samsom said...

Pretty, love this!

Ta Fila said...

Awesome look!
Love it! <33