The ugliest shoes I own

I don't even know if I'm allowed to call them 'shoes'.
They are, without doubt, the ugliest shoes I own. But I was sold after seeing all those cool pictures on pinterest. It is actually possible to style them up super nice!
So, yes, I bought the Birkenstock Arizona slides I made fun of not so many years ago, when they first appeared.
And why? For these 3 reasons:
- They are known as the best (best!) slides for your back. And besides that, they walk like heaven
- Since it is thé trend of the season I thought: why not give it a try? (not really a reason, I know)
- The challenge to style up shoes like these with an outfit and make them look really cool
Well, those are pretty good reasons for a girl to buy shoes right?

Are you convinced yet? I won't be offended if you still can't even look at them. Even I still think they are not so flattering. But hey, you are going to see them on this blog, so get used to it!

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Mónica Sors ( Mes Voyages à Paris ) said...

Parecen muy cómodas!!

Mónica Sors

Adriana Agnes said...

I love the way these look on, I have a black pair of these... my guy friends don't understand it. But I don't give a crap, keep rocking them, they look great the way you style them !!

xx Thatbluejeansgirl