The beach

You can say whatever you want about this little country called Holland, but we do have our fair share of beaches! The aren't white sandy beaches, it's not bright blue water and we don't drink coconuts hanging from a hammock, but the beaches are kilometers long and the beachclub are all so trendy!
I enjoy going to the beach and last week I even did a little swim. And yes, it was very cold.. I hope to see a lot of beaches all over the world in the feature because - with the chance of sounding waaay too philosophical - they are a pretty nice appearance from what nature can give us!
There was a sunset not long ago after these pictures were taken and it was almost as if I was on a white sandy beach in Thailand.

About this look: I bought this yellow maxiskirt two years ago in New York and I never showed it on the blog before. I love the bright color and it looks like as if this skirt was made for windy days, because when the wind caught my skirt it flows like some sort of waterfall.
I kept it simple with a black top and my favorite shades of the moment. 
As you culd have seen on my Instagram I went to Knokke (Belgium) yesterday. These pics aren't from that beach but the beach in Knokke was surprisingly nice too!

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Top | H&M
Suunies | Oasap
Maxi skirt | Forever21




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so lovely!

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Nice skirt!

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Gorgeous photos, I love them!
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I really love your style! Great blog!

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lovely sunnies!


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Nice sunglasses!

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