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I never wore a lot of watches. I grey up in a timezone in which people had cellphones. The time was always with us, in our pockets. Cellphones were the new pocket-watches, in a way. So nowadays, people only wear watches for a couple of reasons, in my opinion:
- They refuse to accept technology and having a watch to check out the time is a way of ignoring the evolution and use of technology.
- I've you started to wear a watch pretty young, you can feel naked without it. A watch can feel like as if it is a part of you. 
- Simply because they love a watch as an accessory, a watch can 'make' an outfit. 

I recently found out about Cluse watches. A brand that sells watches for the right reasons: high quality, prices that match that quality, and pretty designs.
Wearing their watch made me actually rethink about why I don't wear watches that often. I chose a simple design: black leather strap and rose gold, it looked pretty classy with some small bracelets. What do you think?

Some highlights: later this week I will wear this watch with an outfit, so stay tuned for that. Annnndd: in collaboration with Cluse watches I will give away the same watch as this one!! That giveaway will start in about one week, are you excited yet?!
By the way: only two days for the Laimbock giveaway will close, enter here!
Happy Tuesday!


Watch | Cluse watches
Bracelet | Morganne Bello



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