Trend report: momjeans

A new topic: trend report!
Every now and then I will pull out some crazy and eye-opening trend which is emerging and today is all about momjeans. Already seen those?
Like with every new trend when it comes to jeans, we all need to get used to it first. Like this momjeans-trend. Let's discuss and tell me what you think! 

The fit
It's not carrot-shaped (like skinny jeans) and not hourglass-shaped, but square-shaped. Yes, big and quadrangular. So no to the shape, but probably yes to the fit. What other reason can there possibly be for this jeans to be shaped like this besides comfortability?

The look 
Heels? Flats? Sneakers? It depends on what you are trying to achieve with the momjeans. Is it a staight-on mommy look? Then some flats will aply. Furthermore, this type of jeans cán look good with the right choice of addings. A plain white shirt on top and some killer golden heels at the bottom? Yes for me!

A lot of different opinions are circeling around in the world of fashion. 
Ofcourse the real die-hards already love the momjeans, otherwise it would'nt have become a 'trend' in the first place. First we scream, kick and hate the new trend, and then slowly we give in. 
For me it's still the 'I don't know yet'- fase. But I will give in.
I mean, the pics below are all looking pretty badass to me, you agree? 




Becky P said...

Adore every single outfit xx

Michelle Verpuggi said...


Styling Note said...

I wrote about it last week. I really love them!