Cluse giveaway 2.0 {Closed}

Because the previous Cluse giveaway was a big hit, here it is again!
However, this time it is slightly different!
Pinterest: one of my favorite websites when we talk pictures. I can 'stroll' around for hours on that site, and just pin, pin, pin all the lovely pictures the website contains.

Now, here's what I need from you guys!
- In order to win - meaning: pick any watch you like from the Cluse website - you need to create a 'moodboard' on Pinterest, showing me with what outfit/accessory/fashion-items you would style a watch from Cluse. Name the board VanillaVelvetxCluse.
- Follow Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin' & like the Facebook-page
- Follow Cluse on Pinterest
- Leave a comment here with your name, e-mail and the link of your Pinterest board!

Extra entry:
- Follow Vanilla & Velvet on Twitter and tweet this: "I can #win a watch from Cluse, by entering the #giveaway on @vanillavelvett "

This giveaway is open worldwide. It will end the 9th of October! Goodluck to you all, excited to see all your moodboards!


Hi guys, thanks all for entering! I saw so many cute Pinterest boards! Here's what I did to choose a winner: out of all the entries I picked out 3 of my favorite boards (the effort and the styling was important to me) and out of those 4 people I made a list - based on at which social media channel you followed - and then I used The winner of this giveaway 
Don't be sad, a new giveaway containing some very cool ewelry will be online very soon! Stay tuned!
issssss: Emma Gerritsen!Congrats girl! I will e-mail you right away!
Here is here Pinterest board:

The rest of you, don't be sad. Another giveaway is on it's way so stay tuned!




anoukvanberlo said...

Wat een gave winacties heb je! Ik ben al bezig met mijn bord maken, de vorige give-away heb ik helaas niet gewonnen..
Deze zou ik echt zo graag willen winnen!! Ik hoop zo dat ik deze ga winnen want ik vind de horloges helemaal te gek! Deze musthave mag absoluut niet ontbreken in mijn kast. Ik volg je al op Bloglovin en op Facebook en ik ben Cluse gaan volgen op Pinterest

Hier zijn mijn gegevens:
Anouk van Berlo

Liefs Anouk!

Irina G. said...

Wow! Great idea! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
Following Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin' & liked the Facebook-page
Following Cluse on Pinterest as Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
Name: Irina Gnatiuk
Pinterest board:

Following Vanilla & Velvet on Twitter as @IrinaZhoze and tweeted:

Coline T. said...

thank you for this great giveaway!
- Following Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin': Coline T.
- Liked the Facebook-page: Coline Touil
- Following Cluse on Pinterest: Coline T.
- Pinterest board:
-Name: Coline Touil

-Following Vanilla & Velvet on Twitter: @colinetouil
And tweeted:

Roxanne said...

Hiiiiii, thank you for this opportunity ! I just discovered your blog and cluses and i love them BOTH. So classy, gorgeous, fashionable. <3 So i'm entering the contest, thank you so much, again <3 : My name is Roxanne Nadeau, my e-mail is and my pinterest link is
Have a beautiful day <3

Roxanne said...

By the way, I followed you on facebook with this link : and on twitter with this one : and I Followed cluse with my pinterest account : Roxyeen, and I followed them on facebook... Hope i didn't forget something hihi. xxxx

Lina Gu said...

Really? I want one!

Katrien Damen said...

Super leuk dat je dit opnieuw doet! Ik heb er nog geen besteld dus ik zou het leuk vinden als ik er eentje win! :)

- Ik volg je op Bloglovin
- Ik vind je leuk op facebook
- Ik volg Cluse op Pinterest
Katrien Damen

Jan said...

Wow wat een enorm mooie horloges zeg!
Ik heb even een kijkje genomen op de site, ziet er goed uit allemaal!
Succes iedereen!

Rowan - RebelliousyetRomantic said...

Ik doe ook mee, prachtige horloges en super originele give away!

Ik heb alle stappen + extra's gedaan. Laat lekker pinnen over mooie spulletjes nou nét geen straf zijn voor mij. :)
Rowan de Haan
Rowan [at]

Liefs, Rowan

Dionne Knooren said...

Super leuk! Ik doe heel graag mee.
Ik heb de verplichte dingen gedaan!

Natalie said...

I love these watches!
- Following Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin': Natalie Yarbrough
- Liked the Facebook-page: Natalie Yarbrough
- Following Cluse on Pinterest: yarbr012
- Pinterest board:
-Name: Natalie Yarbrough

-Following Vanilla & Velvet on Twitter: @yarbr012
And tweeted:

cristi andreea said...

Name,andreea monica covaliu


Hi Jint!
Already following you!
on FB as Kate Sarsfield
on Bloglovin: KATE SARSFIELD
Twitter: @k8sarsfield
Pinterest name:KATE SARSFIELD
My Pinterest board link:

Loris Ayoub said...

Loris Ayoub
Loris Ayoub
Board Link
loris Ayoub
Extra entry

My email:

Edmond Leung said...

OMG. Wow, Cluse watch is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. U go girl. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Starving artist needs the watch for aunt big BD gift which I can’t afford. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest

the link of my Pinterest board:
Following Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin' & liked the Facebook-page
Following Cluse on Pinterest as Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
Name: Edmond
Twitter: @edmond18
FB: Edmond.leung.908
Extra entry:

samantha.tedesco said...

Samantha Tedesco

samantha.tedesco said...

Follow you on twitter and tweeted:

Evgeniya Retskaya said...

Awesome giveaway!

Evgeniya Retskaya

BlackAsphodel said...

Andrea Beata Kadar

FB: Andrea Beata Kadar
Twitter: @BlackAsphodel


Hi Jint,

I've had problems with Pinterest all weekend (won't let me log in etc) so I've set up a new a/c using another email a/c. Details as follows:

Link to Pinterest board:

Sorry about this but I couldn't do anything about it & I'm mad as I've lost lots of work - grrr!

Phosphenes said...

Ahh another giveaway thanks!
I absolutely love Cluse watches.

bloglovin': Namrata Shrestha
FB: Namrata Shrestha
Pinterest: @namrata91s
Pinterest Board:

Magnolia S said...

Hi, Jint! I adore your photos because you are smiling. Not many fashion bloggers do that in their pictures :| :)
I'm Magnolia S all around - on Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (@findingmenono) -

You could contact me at -- I hope! hehe

I know it won't affect my chances of winning, but I just had a lot of fun with the mood boards and made 5. I thought you might have fun too looking at not just one, being that you said you were excited to see the mood boards ♡

VanillaVelvetxCluse Fall ~
VanillaVelvetxCluse NYC ~
VanillaVelvetxCluse Tuscany ~
VanillaVelvetxCluse Country ~
VanillaVelvetxCluse Classic ~

Thank you! I hope you like them.

Nikolina said...

Nikolina Vukelić

Twitter: @Nikolina_84
Fb: Nikolina Vukelić


judithchen said...

great giveaway! thanks for the chance :) done all:

Name: Marceline Judith
bloglovin: jude chen
facebook: marceline judith
pinterest: judith chen
pinterest board:

Milena P said...

Woow, thanks a lot! :)

fb: Milena Popovic
bloglovin: Milena Popovic
pinterest: Milena Popovic
pinterest board:
Twitter: @mile_voli_disko

Kattzzz said...

Katt Lewis

raymond crisostomo said...

name, e-mail and the link of your Pinterest board!
Raymond Crisostomo
@RCrisostomo03 -

Emma said...

Hi Jint!
Thank you for being a great inspiration!
I'd love to win a Cluse watch, hopefully you like my Pinterest Board :)
Emma Gerritsen

Bianca Roman said...

following on you bloglovin and Facebook: bianca roman
following on cluse on pinterest: supbonka (bianca roman)
tweeted about the giveaway:

bianca roman

thank you for the giveaway!


Hello and thank you for the lovely prize and the fun way to enter!!!
- My Pinterest board:
- I follow Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin' as DESPINA VENETI & I like the Facebook-page as Despina Vnt
- I follow Cluse on Pinterest as DESPINA VNT
- Despina Veneti,

Thank you very much!!! xx

Elizabeth Moreno said...

thanks for this giveaway :)
bloglovin: Elizabeth Moreno
facebook:Elizabeth Moreno
pinterest: Elizabeth Moreno
pinterest board:

Violet said...

Ik wil al zo lang zo'n horloge! Alleen, tja, het geld haha.
Maar goed, ik doe dus heel graag mee!

Bloglovin' :
Twitter + tweet:
Facebook: Violet van Tilburg

Pinterest board:

Ik hoop dat ik zo alles heb ;)

Anonymous said...

Bilqees Bano
thanks 4 giveaway

Helena Oops said...

hank you for this fantastic giveaway!
I m entering with pleasure.
FB:Jens Ken Lundstrom
Pinterest:Soraya Helena
Love this watch :
Pinterest board:
Shared on fb:
And on google+:
This is my tweet:
Fingers crossed!

maria cristina Cellerino said...

thank you for this great giveaway
- Following Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin': mariacristinacellerino
- Liked the Facebook-page: Maria Cristina Cellerino
- Following Cluse on Pinterest: Macriser2004
- Pinterest board:
- Name: Maria Cristina Cellerino
- E-mail:

-Following Vanilla & Velvet on Twitter: @CMacriser2004
And tweeted:
And shared facebook :

MoranSha said...

I kinda went crazy with the mood board :D Anything that reminded me of fall and gold was included, so it's not just one outfit...


mooransh @ gmail . com

Endless Summer said...
Elena Rudaya oin Bloglovin, Facebook and Pinterest
@elenarudaya on Twitter + Tweeted
email queen-of-pain@yandex . com

Tjana Ba said...

Amazing giveaway! Entered me pls

Bloglovin: Tjana Ba
Facebook: Tjana Ba
Pinterest: Tjana
pinterest board:

twitter: @TizianaB23


fingers crossed

anoukvanberlo said...

Nog één dagje! #fingerscrossed :)

Veronica Murroni said...
I also tweet.

Ana Georgievska said...

Done all (except twitter follow - blocked for following , but tweeted message <3) , thanks for the amazing giveaway!
Ana Georgievska
FB:Ana Georgievska

sherry1991 said...

Beautiful watches!