Trend report: butt rip

Another denim related trend report on this Wednesday morning.
This one is not an abvious trend yet. It's still on the down low, and my guess is that it will stay there.
We have seen our fair share of ripped jeans already, this is a whole new one: the butt rip.
I'm talking about a perfectly normal jeans with just one big rip right underneath the bottom.
What is it about?
- To want attention and to provoke reactions ?
- Just trying a new 'destroyed jeans'- effect?
- Had to much for lunch and ripped out of your pants?

I'm not quite sure why yet, but - just like most crazy but wearable trends - I like it! (or maybe just in this picture)
Ofcourse, since it is still in the 'sensing' fase, a lot of questions will be asked when wearing something like this for the first time, like: 'did you get started on turning your jeans into shorts and then forget to finish?'

What's your opinion about this 'trend' and tell me: would you dare to be the first to wear something like?





M.B Harper said...

This is awesome!

anoukvanberlo said...

Wat een aparte trend. Zo zou ik in ieder geval niet gespot willen worden op straat, haha!
Op de foto ziet het er wel cool uit, zoals je zegt.
Liefs Anouk van

Borjana said...

Bravo for the post,lovely!

Keit said...

Bah, is this a thing? Seriously! :D I prefer to cover my ass thank you very much fashion world! :D