All things big

This is a look I'm pretty sure not many men will like. A lot of you girls neither, probably.
The blazer, the top and the pants are all oversized. Then, instead of adding heels, I added my New Balance sneakers. Not so femine at all. But we all have those days right? Days on which we just want to wear lounge-wear. Days on which we don't want to wear high heels & tight jeans. So this was just kind of a throw on, in a oversized way. I do like the dark Autumn-like colors though, what about you?

My camera - which is an oldie - is slowly giving up on me, you might notice that when looking at these pics. I'm getting a new one, due to supreme saving-up behaviour, and I'm yet figuring out which one to buy. Any tips & tricks?


Pants | Zara (old)
Top | Forever 21
Blazer | Weekday
Hat | H&M
Sneakers | New Balance
Bag | Vintage



Sabina B. said...

love the blazer!

Lauren Samsom said...

Love it! & I love those lounge wear days..

Daphne van Aken said...

Geweldig weer!

schoonheidssalon rotterdam said...

te gekke blazer!

Kristen Leotsakou said...

these pants are soo cool!


Iris - ADASHOFFASH.COM said...

Love de look meis! Zou het zelf ook zo dragen :)

xoxo Iris

Angela Donava said...

Fabulous style!
Have a nice day!
Angela Donava

Britt van Schie said...

I love it!!!