New stuff

Sometimes, I find myself getting dressed to go into town because I need to buy a new notebook - for example - only to come home with several shoppingbags, filled with new stuff.. Yes, a girl needs to shop every now and then. Here's what I got!

The coat
I told you in this post, I was going to get myself more fur for the upcoming wintermonths. And I did. A black faux fur is now added to the family. Strange thing, I did not yet own a plain black one, only blue & ombre grey. I found this one at The Sting, they have a very nice collection of wintercoats!
I got it a few sizes too big so that the fit would be a bit oversized. Plus, big winterknits should fit underneath!

The boots
I can store these under the category 'best buy'. I found these burgundy booties at Zara, for only 20 euros! Burgundy is thé color for the cold months, so my thoughts were: mine, mine, mine!
I like that they have a black detail at the zipper, and also the heel isn't that high so I can walk in these for hours!

Let me know what your thoughts are about these new items!





Keit said...

Whoa, only 20 euros? Now that's a bargain! I love the color and the shape *_* And the coat is so pretty too, can't wait to see how you style it! ^^

Anonymous said...

Leuk die jas! Zoek er precies zo één dus ik ga hem ook snel halen bij The Sting! ;)


Madame Chameleon said...

Love your Fur!!! :)