September, the month that announces the end of summer and the beginning of fall. 
That's exactly what you will see in these outfits. It got colder, but every now and then there was a sunny day in between grey and wet days and the skirt and shorts came out of the closet again. 
It's kind of sad that summer is almost gone - especially because this little frogland always seems to skip on sunny days - but I guess the upcoming seasons have their own qualities!
I'm not quit ready though, need some winterboots, a coat and looots of sweaters!

Which of the outfits from September is your favorite? Mine is the one with the gold skirt, for sure!




Tiphaine said...

just found your blog and i really love your style!! definitely following you :)

x tiphaine

Stephanie Gille said...

Love them all!

Nena said...

In love with the golden skirt outfit!

love, Turn it inside out

malikaa said...

Such lovely outfits

Bijou's Style said...

cute outfits, lovely blog!

Anna Sofia said...

I love your grey knit outfit it's simply beautiful !

Have a good day