The Eye Wish Opticiens show

A few weeks ago I attended the first 'eyewear fashion show' - brillenmodeshow - ever. It was hosted by Eye wish Opticiens, a known optician in this little country. And the best part? It was held in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam!  I've never been there after it was renovated last year and it was pretty awesome, such a old but pretty building!
It all started with some drinks and snacks and after a while the show started. May-Britt Mobach was the host of the evening, and although she did a good job, my attention was more drawn towards here shoes, so cool! Afterwards all guests could enjoy several workshops.
I did went home with a goodiebag and with a big thanks to Eye Wish Opticiens I now finally own a classic Ray-Ban aviator, sunnies I've wanted for ages!





Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

nice shades!

Dionne Knooren said...

Ziet er leuk uit!

Iris Klaver said...

Mooie foto's!

Paula Schaareman said...

Gaaf dat je daarbij aanwezig mocht zijn! May-Britt haar schoenen zijn inderdaad fa-bu-lous!! Die hapjes zien er iets minder geslaagd uit.. Waren ze wel lekker :) ?