Trend: plastic fantastic

Let's discuss: the see-through/transparent trend.
It started with see-through umbrellas, then the wearable items were introduced: shoes, bags, raincoats and even tops and skirts.
I, personally, like things that are a bit different, as long as it's wearable and when it adds something extra to the whole look.
But transparent boots? You'd constantly need your pedicure to be perfect. Actually, you need to have perfect feet in general. As in, perfect..

An angel would say:
Why not? It's just another fun trend and if you want to stand out this is the way to do it.

The devil would say:
No-go for this trend. It's just pieces of plastic and everyone can see what's underneath that piece of plastic. You'll be as transparant as what you're wearing and that will entice a lot of pickpockets.

So, what will it be? The devil or the angel?

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Malu Swartjes said...

Ik vind het helemaal geweldig deze trend!
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Dionne Knooren said...

Zo'n tas vind ik nog wel leuk, maar schoenen. Nee!

Thuy Pham said...

looks interesting, like it actually:)

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Suze van As said...

Ik vind het echt vet. Doet me denken aan de zwemschoentjes van deze zomer :) Gewaagd en fun!

anoukvanberlo said...

Leuk onderwerp! De transparante tas vind ik wel gaaf.
Alleen kun je daar ook niet alles in doen omdat iedereen het dan ziet haha.
En die laarzen vind ik maar niets. Dat is echt too much!

Liefs Anouk