Alexander Wang x H&M

With only one day left before the collection hits the stores, I want to know your thoughts about the Alexander Wang for H&M collection. So, let's discuss!
I think it was no longer than a year ago that I found out my favorite designer was going to collaborate with H&M. I was over the moon excited, especially since all the previous collaborations with H&M were all faboulous. Stylight made a very cool overview about all the designer collaborations H&M did in the past ten years, so be sure to check that out.
When the collection became known I was - to be honest - a bit disappointed: I wanted a wearable designer piece, not all that sporty stuff. And what's with the scuba-shoes?
Anyway, I turned around a bit and I will be in front of those doors when they open at 9 o'clock.
I have set my mind upon the grey sweater

What do you think about this collection? Yay or nay?
And if it's a yay, let me know what's on your wishlist!




7 comments: said...

This collection is kinda weird I guess, and lot of people dislike it. I think I too much 'sportwear' but you maybe can wear one piece with a more sophjisticated clothe. A Wang dress with a chic blazer could be great! But the all-Wang-look will be hard to wear in my opinion!

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

I had exactly the same when I found out hat the collection was going to look like. I;ve set my eye on two wearable pieces. The w legging and the men's sweater. Fingers crossed tomorrow! xx

anoukvanberlo said...

Jaa ik kan niet wachten! Ik ga ook voor de scuba trui en de zonnebril als het lukt.
Goodluck en have fun alvast. Liefs Anouk

Keit said...

I hate sportswear >.< Never even seen the scuba shoes, I hate it even more now :D

Liese said...

Ik ben er niet echt fan van, is niet echt mijn ding. Maar handig voor de mensen die dan wel heel graag een item willen bemachtigen :)

friv said...

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Nena said...

Ik had ook mijn zinnen gezet op de grijze sweater omdat die nog enigszins draagbaar is maar daar heb ik me blijkbaar ook in vergist :D toen ik die paste viel ik bijna achterover zo lelijk stond dat ding! Benieuwd wat je hebt gescoord :)

love, Turn it inside out