The fab season

I realized the other day the holiday season is just around the corner. Christmas is coming and so is New Year's Eve, and wether it will bring us some snow this year - I'm not sure if I really want it to start snowing though - we still have to look at our very bests when the festivities begin.
That's why I lined up three party outfits: dresses, pants & skirt included. I hope you like it!

Some tips & tricks to survive the outfit-stress:
- Let's admit: New Year's Eve is about glitter and glamour, but don't overdo it! Let's just do one item with sequins, and keep the rest calm. (read: black)
- Blake Lively in Gossip Girl can pull it off, but let's not do too short or too much of a cleavage. Your grandpa may fall flat on his face..
- It doesn't have to cost that much. When you are on a budget, just spend a bit more on the eyecatcher-item (the dress, for example) When doing this, the cheaper accessories will not look cheap at all next to it.


1. Sequin dress from Boohoo | 2. Earrings from Boohoo | 3. Glitter boots from Zara

1. River Island fur bag | 2. Mango palazzo pants | 3. Weekday golden top | 4. Boohoo furry heels

1. Blue top | 2. Ted Baker clutch | 3. Stiletto from Zara | 4. Skirt from Marco de Vincenzo




Sarah said...

I love the first dress! It would be so much fun to wear.

Jane S said...

Wow! Amazing selection!

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Wendy said...

That fluffy bag! Big love <3


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nice bag ! expensive ??
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