In between

The other day my mom came home with this very cool faux fur coat, and ofcourse I had to try it on. What's more fun than expanding the choices by using your moms closet every now and then? It looks a bit like the teal blue one I own, but this is also a very cool color, somewhere in between grey and purple.

What is everybody doing on this cold Sunday morning?
My schedule: study, study, and more.. study!
Next week I have some fun blog-events and in two weeks I will be going to a very large country somewhere far far away!
So I guess, with those thoughts in the back of my mind, I must be motivated enough to get sh*t done!


Fur coat | Reset
Blazer | Vintage
Grey top | Forever 21
Jeans | Zara
Beanie | Vogue
Sneakers | New Balance
Backpack | Asos




Diolifestyle said...

Wat een mooie jas!

Lizzy Hadfield said...

That fur coat is gorgeous! I love the layering of this look!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Zarina Batyrbekova said...

Mooie look! <3

Milex said...

Keit said...

Whoa, your mom has some pretty wicked sense of style! I love the coat and the way you layered ^_^
Good luck on the studying and have fun at the bloggy events!

Jint vd Brink said...

Dankje! Xx

Jint vd Brink said...

Thanks! I'll let her know ;)

Jint vd Brink said...

Thank you! Xx

Jint vd Brink said...

Dankjee! Xx

Nathalie Alexandra said...

Love the look :)


Avellia Anwar said...

great outer

visit mine,
Miss Aa

Sexy Lingerie Malaysia said...

nice new balance shoe !

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