Ready to wear | 1

A quick 'ready to wear'-outfit on the blog today. This is actually the first time I post something like this, and I might just start posting it every week!
I'm more than ready to wear all the items below. Ever since I saw the light purple faux fur coat from Whistles on Charlotte from the Fashionguitar, it has been on my mind. It's so freakin' cold and this furry friend is so freakin' good!
Those boots have been on my mind too and that is why they are already on their way to me.
So, this pretty much describes my mood today! Light colors, stripes and pointy boots!

Have a nice day and byeeeeeeeeeee for now!


Black boots | Zara
Purple fur | Whistles
Striped top | Cos
Earcuff | Monki
Denim dungarees | One teaspoon