Seasonal blue

Oh may, the weather is crazy out here. For the petite country that we are, we can almost call it a hurricane. At least I do, because every gust makes me anxiously question if my windows will fall out. So between storm & rain I shot these pictures, wearing my new favorite 'the-end-of-winter-is coming-piece'. Because despite of this stormy weather, it's not that cold anymore!

I told you before about this babyblue coatigan I got from Costes, it's the perfect item to just throw over an outfit and wear it as an actual coat, but also to wear it as just a vest, adding some accessories to the whole. And how about this navy blue bag to go with it? I've you seen my Instagram lately, you could have seen a lot of blue shades nowadays. I guess it's my favorite color this season, in all it's pretty appearances. What's your color of the season?

It's Monday again, what is everybody up to this week?
Don't get blown away!


Coatigan | Costes
Grey jumper | Zara
Jeans | Noisy May
Sunnies | Ray Ban
Necklace | Luz accessories
Boots | Zara 
Bag | Michael Kors




Keit said...

It's that bad there huh? :D It's no walk in the park here either, lots of snow and then sunshine and then wind! And then cold!
Adore this coating, it's amazing, goes perfect with the booties!

Dora Toubanaki said...

So jealous of your coat! Love the color, so soft and pretty!
Amazing boots!

Jint vd Brink said...

Thank you Dora! Xx

Jint vd Brink said...

Yes it's pretty stormy! Thanks Keit! Xx

Chloe Sterk said...

Ah leuke jas meis :) X