Beijing diary

Better late than never!
As you might know I went to Beijing in December, and I still owed you guys a diary-post about this big city with all of it's culture. So here it is: pictures and hotspots included!

- Forbidden city --> This is positioned in the heart of Beijing, it's the place fromwhere emperors from the Ming and Qing-dynasty ruled the kingdom. So many pretty buildings to see, and Mao's mausoleum on Tiananmen square is worth a visit too!
- The Great wall --> Ofcourse we had to see this one! It's one of the great wonders of the world, and indeed it was impressing. Only a 2 hour ride from Beijing, we went to Muttianyu, a less touristic spot then all the others. Such a nice view, but I bet it's even better during summertime, when all is green!
- Snackstreet --> It's only 1 street, but it has the most exotic assortment of snacks. Read: squid, starfish, scorpions, snakes and beetles.
- Olympic city --> With the Birdsnest and the Fishbowl (not sure they actually were called those names)
- For going out --> We went to club Liv and club Circle a few times, but there is a whole street filled with clubs and bars in the Sanlitun district.
- Rent a bike! --> We did a bike tour with Dutchy Monique who showed us the Hutongs in Beijing. Cold but very fun, we ended up in the most authentic places and visited the cutest markets!

Outside Beijing
- Tianjin --> A very modern city with Europe inspired buildings. We stayed at The Astor hotel Tianjin, a lovely place to stay! Regular train: 4,5 hours. Bullet train: 30 minutes.
- Chengde --> A 5 hour ride from Beijing lies Chengdu. We visited the emperor's summerpalace, which had a huge garden. Nowadays, citizens can come iceskate on the lake. We also visited some temples: the Putuo Zongcheng temple, a replica of a temple in Tibet, and the Punong temple. I have a thing for rooftops I guess, I kept photographing the tops of the temples because of the pretty colors and artwork.

- The Pearl market, the Silk market and the Yashou market --> All super crouded, all about bargaining and fake items, but for sure a must to visit. Oh and they do not only sell silk and pearls, actually just about anything! Shoes, bags, clothes, gloves, make-up, jewelry! Oh ding ding ding.
- Beijing does not really have a citycenter. There are shops all over the city, but the easiest way (and the least cold way) is going to a shoppingmall.

General tips
- The subway is a very cheap and fast way to travel, but it's also really crouded. On New Year's Eve we left the house a bit late and jumped into a couple of Tuk Tuk's. (at least that's what I call them cause they are very simular to the ones in Bangkok) They were so fast! Ghost riding and using the sidewalk was not a problem for them at all, very fun and we made it just in time!
- You have to bring your passport with you all times, you'll need it for everything!
- The smog can get really bad, as a tourist do wear a mouthcap! If you weren't a smoker already, on a bad smog day your longs will look like you've been one for 5 years!

I may have forgotten some pretty cool spots I visited, but the photos will speak for itself!
I hope you liked this post on this wet Monday morning. Bye for now!


Boots we bought on the Yashou market!

The Great Wall
China house in Tianjin
Tianjin shopping street

During the bike tour we saw a couple of old Chinese men take a swim in freeezing cold water

Forbidden city

Tiananmen square


The view on top of the Great Wall



Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Wat een fantastische foto's en wat een goede tips. Heel gaaf om dit te zien xx

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