Out and about

Brown is not really my color. It's not that I hate it, it's not that it doesn't look good on me - sorry for this arrogant remark, but let's face it; brown can practically go with every haircolor and because of that it also looks good with blonde - but I just don't wear it a lot.
Not dark brown, not camel, just no.
But every now and then I find myself really liking it and all of the sudden wearing it. Like today!
I wanted to show you guys the shirtdress in another perspective, because in this look it was tucked away underneath a big sweater, now it's out and about! So, what about this shirtdress trend?

Anyway, starting the week with a fresh new look,  simple and casual. What is everybody up to this week? It's actually my very last week of studying, next week I have to hand in my thesis and hopefully never look upon that thing ever again. Yep, I'm pretty over it.
March is all about blogging and finding myself a job or internship in New York city, so please do share if you happen to know something!


Faux fur coat | H&M (old)
White shirtdress | Motel rocks
Jeans | Noisy May
Backpack | Asos
Sunnies | Ray Ban
Sneakers | Adidas Superstar




MIXT fashion and lifestyle said...

Je ziet er weer top uit Jint! Xx

Saskia | Former Parades said...

Toffe look! En heel gaaf dat je naar New York wilt! Succes met het vinden van een plekje! Gaat je vast lukken ;)


Alexa Op 't Land said...

wat een super leuke outfit, staat je fantastisch!

Red Sonja said...

Hele gave combi! Het klopt gewoon helemaal! En het jasje maakt het helemaal af! :-)

Alexandra said...

Heerlijke look!


Piia Õ. said...

That colour looks great on you, and it's not even brown, it's beige. Great casual look, girl!

Lisa Bla said...

Love the Look! Nice Shoes.


Keit said...

Brown is a color that doesn't suit everyone, you're one of the people who look exceptionally good in brown! :-D I adore this fluffy coat and the shirt combined like that with the sneakers! Good luck on finding an internship, crossing fingers you find something fancy! ^_^

Kimberley Bergman said...

Bruin is ook geen kleur waar ik snel voor ga maar zo'n jas als deze vind ik wel heel leuk! En super leuk ook met die Superstars er onder! x

Diana Cloudlet said...

I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
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Diana Cloudlet

Adinda Bertels said...

Ik kom net op je blog terecht, en wauw ik ben echt verliefd op je kledingstijl! Ik ben fan ;) x

Abbie said...

Great look, I live in my Superstars! Love the way you styled them! xx


Eline said...

Wat een heerlijke outfit! Ik vind je shirtdress echt geweldig en je rugtas ook wauwieee

Kathrine Ottander said...

I loooooooove this outfit! So awesome!