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Numerous magazines and fashionbloggers have their opinion ready about the flared pants.
It is coming back and everyone seems to embrace this trend.
I remember it well, like it was yesterday, that I heard skinny jeans were in fashion, and I hated those jeans. I named them 'carrot shaped jeans', because of the narrow leg. Nowadays I can't do without them. But what about this flared jeans trend? Let's discuss!
It seems like this trend is something 'you just need to try'. It also seems to work with a lot of different styles: a leather jacket on top, an oversized blouse on top, a tight croptop, you name it!

No go
It aint the Wild West over here: those wide legs are only meant for cowboys. And besides that, what the hell kind of shoes are we supposed to wear? Heels, I presume, but we just can't walk in those feet killing machines all day..

I am in the 'go' team this time. I will for sure try this trend, just to find out if it is something that fits me. Maybe it's just the cool vibe of these pics, but I need to see it for myself.
I selected some of the coolest flared jeans, so be sure to click on 'read more'!


1: JBrand 2: Mango 3: Zara 4: MiH jeans


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wat mij betreft een echte NO GO!!!!
Ik vind deze trend echt helemaal niks!
Lang leve de SKINNY jeans, die zijn veel mooier en sexier.
Dus laat de skinny jeans in de mode blijven!!