Interior: Lofts

A loft in midtown Manhattan New York.
If someone would ask me: what's your dream house? Here's your answer.
And ofcourse, a crips white villa in Spain only a one minute walk away from the ocean is a nice follow upper, but right now that dream is still New York.

The thing about lofts:
- They are incredibly spacey. (a minimum of walls seems to be the reason for that)
- Because of the big windows (in almost every loft) you always have enough light.
Plus: a nice view is included if you're up high.
Plus: romantic stargazing is an option when the night falls.
- You can furnish the space anyway you like. To me it looks like it's actually a challenge to just put pieces of furniture in the middle of a room to create little 'spaces'. But there's that word: challenge!

I did some Pinterest-ing and collected the best looking lofts nowadays.
Looking at these pictures makes me want to work real (real) hard, so that one day that dream may come true.


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Lauren Dimesky said...

These lofts are incredible! I love them, too. Good job on your blog.

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